Highline Rules at Freyr

Freyr is a heavenly highline spot. Our highline community is growing and we are more and more visible.
To make sure we can still highline there for decades, here are some guidelines on how to behave at the center of the universe. 

  1. Be member of CAB/KBF or an UIAA affiliated club(NKBV, DAV, FFCAM,...). No member = no access to the rocks or highlines. This rule is not only for insurance reasons, in Belgium all rocks are private lands, rented by CAB or KBF to make climbing and highlining possible. Only with the membership fees this renting and maintenance of the rocks by CAB/KBF is a sustainable practice. Contact BeSlack for a 1 day or weekend permit. 
  2. No music boxes. The music rule is a strict rule by the DNF for natura 2000 zones. (*Departement Nature et Forets) 
  3. Only camping at the bivouac between 18h and 10h. You can't leave your tent during the day. Don't camp in the woods
  4. Leave no trace, take all your trash. 
  5. No chillings at 5 anes and le pape (also not in the forest of le pape). Be extra careful with the flora during rigging or we will be banned here. 
  6. No highlines during announced nesting periods. Check with BeSlack. 
  7. No “permarigs”. you can have your highline hanging for multiple days if: there is daily inspection, name tag of the owner, you don’t use climbing bolts. 
  8. No alcohol or drugs 
  9. Be aware of climbers on the cliff so be extra careful for falling objects and stones. 
  10. Shit in the toilets near the refuge, not in the woods.

Picture: Maxime Dupont

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