Belgium Highline Festival #3

Welcome to the third edition of the legendary Belgian Highline Festival. Once more we will gather in Freyr, between the greatest cliffs of our small country, with the Meuse flowing 100m under our feet.

In these 5 days you will be able to give all you got, not only on our +18 beautiful highlines (30-550m), but join different workshops, warm up (or cool down) at the regular slacklines in the bivouac, enjoy the fire show, hang out at our chill-spot , play music together on the jam-night and dance your legs off at the party on Saturday.



The rocks of Freyr: Chau. des Alpinistes 16, 5500 Dinant. or 50°13'13.4"N 4°53'41.0"E. DON’T go to the castle of Freyr, this is on the other side of the river and 20 min by car from our highline spot. The closest train station is Anseremme. Freyr is at 3km walking distance from the train station. If you want to carpool you can ask it at the event page on facebook



5 day ticket = €80
Weekend ticket = €60
Day ticket = €35

*BeSlack member = €10 discount --> become member

*In Belgium you only can access the climbing/highline rocks if you are insured by an UIAA affliated club. If you are not, you need to pay €10 extra for a temporary insurance during the festival. (see registration form)



Everyone needs a climbing harness with a double leash. When you are near the anchors on the rocks you should always be clipped into the safety ropes. This is only possible with a double leash not with a single leashTake your rolling device (hangover, rollex). Take your sport climbing material if you want. Freyr is a beautiful climbing crag. You can buy the climbing topo in the friterie. 



There is a camping for tents/hammocks and parking next to the road for vans. There will be drinkable water, toilets and water to wash yourself but no showers. 



There will be +- 18 lines from 30 to 550m. With freestyle lines. 

At the welcome tent you will get a wristband, a booklet with the map and all the rules of the festival.

Most important rules:

  • Always be clipped in in the fixed safety ropes with your double leash
  • Leave no trace, also no sigarette buds
  • Stay on the paths and stay out of the forbidden zones for nature preservation
  • Always ask a buddy check
  • Be aware of climbers beneath you
  • For the +200m lines we will have walking slots. You can register for the walking slots at the welcome tent. 



There is a grocery store and bakery in Anseremme. There is a friterie and a restaurant/hotel near the camping. 

Saturday evening there is a big evening meal for everyone, included in your entrance price. Bring your own plate and your own cutlery.

Every evening there is the possibility to buy some drinks at the bar. 



We try to do everything cashless by Payconiq or Paypal. If not possible, bring cash. 


On Thursday-evening we will organise a jam-session for whoever wants. There will be a sound installation with mics, a drum-kit and a guitar-amp available. Bring whatever instrument (and amplification) you got and play along!

On Friday-evening we will provide you with some live music and invite 4 artists/bands. Be ready at 8PM when we start! 

If you still want to be a part of the program, both with a band or solo, please send an email to for further information!

Starting with some chill reggae vibes during the day, we'll crank up the volume and present you with different genres of music throughout the night! 

We are still in search for 1 or 2 more DJ's, professional Pioneer XDJ's will be available, please contact if you're interested!

There will be multiple workshops happening during the festival. If you want to share your skills and give a workshop, you can contact to be on the fixed planning, or just fill in our workshop-board during the festival itself!



Highliners must register in advance. Registration is only valid after correct payment, see registration form. 

Highliners can register through this link -->

NOTE: you can only come highline if you are insured by KBF / CAB or another UIAA recognized mountain sports association. If you are not affiliated with an UIAA club you need to apply for an extra insurance for +€10. (see registration form)



All updates during the event can be found on the facebook event page.



All pictures will be gathered in this google photos folder. Please upload your best pictures of the festival here



K2 de kampeerder
Spider Slacklines
Klim- en Bergsportfederatie
CAB Club Alpin Belge
The Wall - Escalade
Lyapunov - stability in motion
International Slackline Association 



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