Highline Course: from slackline to highline

Have you mastered your first steps on a slackline, but don't know how to continue? Do you also dream about highlining between 2 rocks, high in the air? But you don’t have a clue how to start? BeSlack has the solution.

8-day course in which you learn to take the step from slackline to highline. The course package includes:

  • Guided building on your basic slackline skills through exercises and tips and tricks from experienced highliners. 
  • Specific exercises to prepare you for your first highline experience
  • Overcoming mental blocks inherent to highlining
  • Introduction to safe use of highline equipment and common techniques
  • Safety on and around a highline
  • Learning to construct a highline independently at known highline sites
  • First highline experiences at the most beautiful spots in Belgium
  • An introduction to the Belgian highline and slackline community



WHERE and When

We always meet at a rock massif or other suitable location. A course day always runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the following days:

  • Saturday 25 February
  • Sunday 12 March
  • Saturday 25 March
  • Sunday 2 April
  • Saturday 22 April
  • Sunday 14 May
  • Weekend 20 and 21 May



Equipment you will need yourself:

  • climbing harness
  • double lifeline 
  • helmet

Recommended prior knowledge

  • be able to slackline for 20 metres
  • ideally be able to move from a seated position to an upright position without touching the ground



  • 400 euro for BeSlack members (become member)
  • 420 for other KBF or CAB members



cursus 2024: https://beslack.be/nl/blog/activiteiten/highline-course-2024 



Mail Jef@beslack.be

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