Weekend Highline Freÿr (03-05/07)

Nothing better than a weekend on the cliff to greatly start the summer and continue the highline resumption after this long lockdown!

This weekend (from July 3 to 5), we will be present on the picturesque site of Freÿr to get height and fill up with sensations!
For the occasion, some German and Dutch friends (Dreamwalkers, you can have a look to their awesome highline film in the Faroe Islands too =) ) will also be there!

We will install two highlines, the 55m between the rocks of Mérinos and Les 5 Ânes and the 150m connecting the viewpoint to Al'Lègne.

You need to have a minimum highline experience, be affiliated to BeSlack (or at least CAB/KBF/UBS/other federation to access the climbing site) and have your equipment (harness and other security equipment).
Barrier gestures are always mandatory! Don't forget what you need to wash your hands and your mask.

Freÿr (near Dinant, by train from Anseremme station, 3 km)

From Friday July 3 in the morning to Sunday July 5 in the evening

Do not forget to register here especially if you are not member of a climbing federation, otherwise it will not be possible to access the site / lines.

Which price?
It's FREE (but if you need access and insurance you can get one via BeSlack for 10€, you need to register in advance for that!)

Laurent Bondiau
mail : laurent@beslack.be

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