Highline initiations 2022


One day of highline with some BeSlack highline members who are stoked to learn you their tips and tricks. The focus is on making progress in highline, not on the rigging.


BeSlack organizes 3 highline initations this spring. The dates you can find in our calendar and our registrationform. One week before the initation you will get the confirmation and all the practical information. A Initation can be delayed by bad weather. Your registration is only valid after correct payment.

  • 1/05 in Freyr
  • 15/05 in Maizeret
  • 11/06 in Maizeret

What skills are required?

To benefit from the day, you have to be able to walk around 20m on a slackline. In addition, you must also be able to stand up from the sitting position on a slackline. You will learn all the other tips and tricks on this day.

What equipment is required?

A climbing harness.



BeSlack members are insured by KBF/CAB during all their highline activities.
For non-members we arrange a day insurance with KBF/CAB, insurance is included in the price.


--> Registration with this link

Your registration is only valid after payment of the correct amount on BeSlack vzw BE89 0689 4048 8785 

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