BeSlack join the ISA

We are proud to announce that BeSlack is an official member of the ISA (International Slackline Association).

What does the ISA do?

The purpose of the ISA is to support and develop the global slackline community and improve safety in all types of this sport, from waterline to highline.

The ISA consists of an executive board (chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer), an advisory board and several commissions and working groups. The commissions work independently, each with its own board. 
There are 4 commissions:

- The Safety Commission works on the standardisation of safe slackline material, general safety measures and investigation of slackline related accidents.
- The aim of the Education Commission is to train instructors and riggers according to ISA standards and to share good slackline practices with the slackline community.
- The Sport Commission develops the sporting aspect with the aim of being recognised as an official sport. This year a world slackline ranking has been developed which gathers all the existing competitions.
- The Nature Commission aims to improve and maintain access to slackline zones with respect for nature.

The ISA consists exclusively of volunteers. Would you like to get involved in the international slackline community

Do you want to get involved in the Belgian slackline community? Join BeSlack, post in the local slackline groups or make a Slackprofil on our platform.

See you on the line with BeSlack and ISA


Publié le Fri, 08/01/2021 - 23:26 par Jef
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