Opening weekend Spontin Highline

Opening weekend

The weekend of 28-29 October will be the official opening weekend of the fresh highline crag of Spontin.
It will be possible to rig +- 10 parallel highlines of which at least 6 freestyle lengts between 60 and 75m.  
Dust your rig off, and put the date in your calender!

Rules of the Spontin Highline Zone

Untill the opening weekend the highline zone is still under construction and only accessible for experienced highliners. 

  1. Parking only in the offical Parking, and access only by the official access path. (see plan)
  2. Only chill on top of the crag, you can not enter the quarry bellow
  3. Only access for KBF/CAB members
  4. The cliff is instable, Always be clipped in near the edge! 
  5. There are a lot of bad/weak trees with shallow root system. Don't rig on trees without experience. We will test and mark the good trees in the future. 
  6. You can not camp or make fire at the crag.
  7. Leave no trace
  8. Only access from 1/07 - 31/01

Bolting Team

Bolting team 26-27/08: Cyril Mahiat, Jef Cox, Jessica Levine, Oscar Defoor, Pierre Raulier, Senne Jennis, Stijn Vandenbussche, Viktor Deturck, Wouter Op de Beeck and Ben Mertens
Special Thanks

  • Stef Laevaert and Peggy Eulaerts for all kind af help and tipping the spot
  • Kobe Bellinkx for bolting experience and material logistics
  • Koen Haucecorne for all the hard permit work
  • KBF and BRT
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