Midline trainingspot in Ghent

Happy Newyear! We start the year with a pretty nice gift for everyone close to Ghent.

In January and Februari BeSlack hosts a slackline training spot accessible everyday.


  • 30m midline with bungee anchors (lot of bounce!!!)
  • 20m nylon midline (under construction :) ) 
  • lots of rodeo possibilities
  • Slackline possibilities up to 30m
  • hard concrete floor 


  • Weekly training: tuesday (18u - 22u) and friday (18u - 23u) 
  • accessible every weekday with minimum 2 persons  (18u - 22u) or weekend (10u - 22u)


  • Old industrial building at DOK NOORD close to Dampoort trainstation. 


  • Contact Jef or Stijn
  • 4 euro/session + BeSlack membership (no midline without CAB/KBF insurance) 


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